Hike to the Henry deLinde Avant Wavellite Mineral Lease 12/6/2006

Just a walk in the park!

I picked up Henry about 10:00 am at his home in Hot Springs and we headed to Avant.  It took about an hour to get to the Avant area.  We parked just off the road and Henry led the way for our walk in the park.  Someone forgot to clean up the trail after the 2000 ice storm.  Henry said we were going to take the easy way up by-passing the trail up the West side of Dug Hill.  Easy wasn't easy!  But we made it to the top!  Not sure my 4 wheel drive ATV could have made it.  At the top there was a good road (trail) between all the pits.  We spent a couple hours poking around and enjoyed the beautiful day before starting back down the West side of  Dug Hill.  I dropped Henry off at his home around 3:00 pm and headed home to rest my aching legs.  My history, geology, rock & minerals lesson for the day from Henry was complete.  Now, if I can just remember everything I learned.

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Avanthike 001.jpg
The level ground
Avanthike 002.jpg
Henry leading the way.
Avanthike 003.jpg
Avanthike 004.jpg Avanthike 005.jpg
Starting up the HILL.
Avanthike 006.jpg
Doesn't look that far up.
Avanthike 007.jpg
Half way up looking down.
Avanthike 008.jpg
Half way up looking up.
Avanthike 009.jpg
Getting closer.
Avanthike 010.jpg
East Dug Hill pit.
Avanthike 011.jpg
Truck hood used as sled in pit
Avanthike 012.jpg
Henry at Dug Hill pit.
Avanthike 013.jpg
Trail heading East to deLinde mineral lease
Avanthike 014.jpg Avanthike 015.jpg
Avanthike 016.jpg
deLinde pit #1 - south side
Avanthike 017.jpg
Pit #1
Avanthike 018.jpg
Avanthike 019.jpg
Pit #1
Avanthike 020.jpg
Pit #1
Avanthike 021.jpg
Pit #1
Avanthike 022.jpg
Trail to Pit #2
Avanthike 023.jpg
Pit #2
Avanthike 024.jpg
Trail to Pit #3
Avanthike 025.jpg
Pit #3
Avanthike 026.jpg
Tailing pile at Pit #3
Avanthike 027.jpg
Proof that I was there with Henry
Avanthike 028.jpg
More proof.
Avanthike 029.jpg
Henry on top of  Pit #3 tailing pile
Avanthike 030.jpg
West Dug Hill pit.
Avanthike 031.jpg
Looking up on the way down.
Avanthike 032.jpg
Looking down on the way down.  Going down was easier than going up!

GPS Map of the trip

Waypoint 012 06-DEC-06 11:04 N34 39.724 W93 19.967 691 ft - Beginning of old road to deLinde mineral lease
Waypoint 013 06-DEC-06 11:10 N34 40.046 W93 20.008 614 ft  - Where we parked just off the road
Waypoint 014 06-DEC-06 11:41 N34 40.000 W93 19.738 829 ft  - East Dug Hill pit
Waypoint 015 06-DEC-06 12:01 N34 40.017 W93 19.403 887 ft  - Pit #1
Waypoint 016 06-DEC-06 12:21 N34 40.040 W93 19.331 887 ft - Pit #2
Waypoint 017 06-DEC-06 12:33 N34 40.038 W93 19.239 887 ft  - Pit #3
Waypoint 018 06-DEC-06 12:51 N34 40.042 W93 19.211 910 ft   - Pit #3
Waypoint 019 06-DEC-06 13:39 N34 39.995 W93 19.851 815 ft   - West Dug Hill pit