Large Points

These are some exceptionally nice, large crystal points.

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Very nice 7" X 4" point that weighs 5.1 pounds. Sets up on flat base.
$300.00 (Sold)

Awesome 7" x 4" double DT
$350.00 (Sold)

5" x 3.5" half clear with a partial phantom and rainbow infractions.

Water clear 4.5" 4" with a large grounding face. Has a small scuff mark on the right side and needs a good home.
$175.00 (Sold)

4" 4" DT/ET
$125.00 (Sold)

Rare, Long/skinny 7" x 1.25" with white and gold adularia included crystals and lots to explore.
$150.00 (Sold)

Nice 6" x 1.25" hand holder. Has a small ding near the tip and needs a good home.
$60.00 (Sold)

8" x 3"? with lots of stuff in it

Water clear 6.5" x 1.5" tabby DT

9" x 3" with a large grounding face and a scuff mark on one side. Needs a good home.
$150.00 (Sold)

Optical clear 3.75" with a large window to the past
$60.00 (Sold)

Awesome 7" x 2" water clear poin

Unique formation 5" water clear DT with a key hole

6" x 3" with a Grounding face

Monster 8.5" x 4", 5.5 pounds with all healed base. Has a rough side and needs a good home.

6" x 4" Tabby with healed back
$150.00 (Sold)

6" x 5" two unique DT shard like crystals stuck together

Hefty 7" DT

Unique formation 7" tabby DT with lots to explore

Awesome 7" x 2" water clear poin

5.5" x 2.5" DT/ET with lots to explore.
$150.00 (Sold)

5.5" x 4" with rainbow infractions. Has a rough side and needs a good home.

Unique formation 5" water clear DT

Rare 4.5" optical clear natural smoky.
$150.00 (Sold)

Monster 9" x 2.5" with a grounding face and healed base (3.75 pounds). Just a little milky and needs a good home.

Beautiful 6" x 2" water clear point with an Isis face
$250.00 (Sold)

Mostly clear 6" x 2.5"
$160.00 (Sold)

My largest point, 7.5" x 5.5", over 10 pounds with lots of included Manifestation crystals. Sits up on flat base
$550.00 (Sold)

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How To Order

How to order: My preferred method is for you to send me an Email request with the items you want and your mailing address. I will then email you an invioce with payment instructions. You can also phone in your request (870) 867-2443 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm CST. You can also write to Stuart Schmitt, 60 Mary's Eagle Trail, Mount Ida, AR 71957. I offer a money back guarantee on all my crystal sales. If you're not satisfied, simply return the crystal and I'll refund your money.

Shipping: Shipping cost will be added to the order. I ship U.S. Post Office Priority Mail within the US and use the USPS Postal Calculator to determine shipping costs. I can get 2 pounds in the small flat rate box for $9.45 shipping cost. I can get about 20 pounds of crystals in the medium Priority Mail flat rate box for $16.10 shipping cost.

2 Payment Options:
(1) I accept personal checks or money orders (in USD) from US banks and will ship upon receipt of payment.

(2) I accept payment via PayPal for orders over $40. You can log in to your PayPal account and "send money" to

I would appreciate your prompt payment when you receive the email invoice since we do not have room to store your order. My shipping department (wife) gets upset when orders sit around on her dining room table waiting for payment.