Tabby Points and Clusters

Tabular Crystal - A crystal with a flattened tabular shape and two of its opposite sides are twice as wide, or more, than its other sides, giving the appearance of a tablet is called a Tabby crystal.� It is believed they can help us access information and are considered the ultimate communications crystal.� They are a bridge between our adult self and our child like spirit.� They can help us lighten up and laugh a lot.
Faden-Lined Crystal - are crystals that have clearly visible within their interior structure a milky feather line, that usually runs through the crystal.� Faden lines manifest primarily in tabby shaped crystals, but have on extremely rare occasions been found in a normal single point crystal.�� It is believed that the line represents the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within one's self or within someone you are working with, utilizing healing energy.

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3" tabby DT with a Faden line.
$20.00 (Sold)

4" X 2" tabby with included golden adularia.
$35.00 (Sold)

2.75" twin tabby
$20.00 (Sold)

1.75" triple tip tabby.
$10.00 (Sold)

Cute tabby DT formation
$10.00 (Sold)

Unique 3" tabby DT with a Faden line.

2.5" twin tabby
$15.00 (Sold)

Optical clear 3.75" x 1.75" tabby DT
$40.00 (Sold)

2" tabby

1.75" tabby
$5.00 (Sold)

1.5" tabby DT cluster with a Faden line.

2" water clear twin tabby
$10.00 (Sold)

Mini tabby cluster
$5.00 (Sold)

2" tabby DT
$10.00 (Sold)

Cute mini tabby DT cluster
$5.00 (Sold)

1.75" flat top tabby
$5.00 (Sold)

2" tabby DT
$5.00 (Sold)

2" tabby
$10.00 (Sold)

Unique tabby DT cluster formation

Water clear 2" tabby
$5.00 (Sold)

Water clear 1.5" tabby DT with a Faden line.
$10.00 (Sold)

Water clear 3.5" tabby DT
$35.00 (Sold)

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How To Order

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