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Own your own crystal mine (how to become a starving miner)
Digging crystal (where to, how to, what to)
Cleaning crystal (tips, tricks and techniques)
Buying crystal direct from the mine (points, clusters, metaphysical, unique & unusual)

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Twin Creek Crystal Mine For Sale
New Jeffrey Quarry Solution Quartz
New Museum Quality Crystals

A little bear excitement in the back yard May 12, 2006

Crystal Shop - I had to do something to get my crystal out of the garage.  So I thought, "I need to salvage some wood to build a crystal shop."  The next morning I was having breakfast at Shangri La, when the owner asked me if I knew of anyone who would like to tear down an old house.  I knew my thought had manifested into an opportunity.  The house was built in the 1920's and all the walls were beautiful, old growth, 1"x12" rough cut pine.  It took three months to salvage the lumber and build my crystal shop.  It was a labor of love and the old wood really appreciated a new life.

Welcome to Clear Creek Crystal Shop!

My purpose in setting up this web site is to share information about quartz crystal, digging crystal, and this wonderful place on our planet called "The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World," Mount Ida, Arkansas. And, yes, to sell and distribute beautiful quartz crystal throughout the world by providing personalized service.

Who am I? My name is Stuart Schmitt. I retired from the Navy in 1988 after 24 years as a fighter pilot and test pilot. My wife, Sandy, and I sold everything we owned and traveled around the country in a motor home for a couple years before settling down in our home near Mount Ida, Arkansas. I enjoy exploring the unknown and discovering new things. Digging and cleaning crystal provides an endless opportunity to fulfill this desire. You probably didn't land on this web site wanting to know my background, but if you're interested in knowing why an ex-egotistical fighter pilot is in the crystal business, it's all right here.

Now let the adventure begin.  The following pages are open for your viewing pleasure:

Information For Free

Own Your Own Crystal Mine
How To Become a Starving Miner!
Dig Your Own Crystal
Where To, How To, What To 
Cleaning Crystal
Crystal Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Grading & Pricing Crystal
The Hard Part
Crystal Links
More Great Web Sites
 The Power of Crystal
What do you believe?
 How I Photograph Crystals
Digging Crystal With Melody
A Photo Album

Crystals For Sale
Points Page 1    Points Page 2
Wholesale/Brokerage Service
Crystal Clusters Page
Special Offers
Titanium Coated Crystals
Very Unique & Unusual Crystals
Double Terminated Points & Clusters
Large Points
Tabby Points & Clusters
Large Clusters
Lisa Crystals
Brazilian Polished Points Page
Beautiful Clear Creek Mine Crystals
Brazilian Diamantina & Lemurian wands
Manifestation Crystals
Other Stuff

Stuart Schmitt - 60 Mary's Eagle Trail - Mount Ida, AR 71957 - (870) 867-2443

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