Bear Excitement

A Little Excitement in the Back Yard

Friday, May 12, 2006


 About 8 am I was looking out the bathroom window while brushing my teeth and saw this large brown (black) bear walking across the back yard.

He stopped for a minute at the spot where we dump our food scraps.

He then moved to the south side of the house for a little while.

Walking back toward the way he came in.

He sniffed around the white buckets for a little while and then left.

   I emailed these pictures to the Arkansas Fish & Game and then called them.  The lady said she had just received the email and would forward the information to the "bear department".  I never heard back from them.  I thought Arkansas only had black bears but found out that black bears can also be brown or cinnamon color.  Mid May to mid June is their breeding season and the males are known to travel long distances in search of a mate.  This big guy must be on the hunt.  I doubt if he will return.  It was exciting while it lasted.