Great News and New beginnings

         Hello, I Am Chip, Stu and Sandy’s son and I am in the process of Helping, Learning and Taking over the Crystal business in hopes of continuing to supply beautiful Arkansas Quartz Crystals and fun useful information with personal service and reasonable prices.

         So, here is a little about me. I grew up the spoiled rotten only child of two wonderful parents. My dad Stu was a navy fighter pilot and my mom a strong determined officers’ wife. I started out this adventurous life in Sunny San Diego. Throughout my younger years we moved quite a bit around California and even a year or so in Pax River Maryland. To be honest I don’t really remember much about that time in my life so I will just skip to the next adventure. Eventually dad had to move on from flying and was stationed in Dayton Ohio. (Wight Patterson). Which meant I was forced, because I was still just a teenage boy, to leave the Sun, the Surf and the Sand to live in what I thought would be a boring farming community. After all anyone from California thinks Ohio is just Rednecks and framers. Not true at all. Somehow, I survived pushing the limits of my teenage years and made it through High school in one piece and having avoided any real trouble, thank God there were no cameras and social media. I decided to study Commercial Photography at OIP (Ohio Institute of Photography.) Armed with the Knowledge and skill of a master photographer I took off to Columbus to start my carrier as a Waiter and Bartender. It did not take long for that to go south and I mean South to Arkansas that is to start my next adventure as a Traveling Photographer taking glamor shots and exploring the southern states. Not long after living on the road and going Broke I settled down in St Louis Missouri where I found myself drawn to the Computer Industry and my Ego loved it, but eventually I found myself wanting something else. One day dad suggested that I take over his Crystal business. Full of excitement and fear of starting life’s path over again at 55 I have decided to move slowly into this next Adventure of life. So, Start’s the journey and experience of being a Crystal Dealer, That is an ”Arkansas Quartz Crystal” dealer.