Better to be Safe than Sorry


Research what to expect and safety concerns for your adventure.


Know the local laws about rockhounding and make sure you have permission to collect your Specimens.

           Here is the official rules and laws from the US. Forest Service

Never go alone and always take a friend and let others know where you will be and when you will be back.

Make sure you have plenty of water food and snacks.  You will use a lot more energy than you think.

Bring safety equipment for everyone.  (Safety Glasses, Golves, Boots, knee pads, etc.)

Have a good first aid kit handy.  Its easy to get hurt.

Bug spray is a must, nothing ruins a fun day like creepy crawling and flying biting bugs.

Watch out for wildlife. Pay attention where you put your hands. Many places there are snakes, scorpions or spiders just to name a few.

Know what is above you, watch out for loose and falling rocks and debris.

Watch your step, there is unstable rocks, logs and other obstacles that can cause injury.