Not Used The Power of Crystal - What do you believe?

Beliefs About Quartz Crystal

by Stuart Schmitt

A belief or belief system is a filter used by consciousness to create an experience or to judge what has not been personally experienced.  Beliefs or belief systems will focus our attention either on what we want or what we don't want, thereby creating the reality we perceive.

Imagine discovering a very clear, shiny rock with six smooth sides and terminated with a sharp point.  No human being could have made this.  Natural quartz crystal has evoked many questions because of the unknowns about its origin and purpose.  To explain the unknowns, human beings imagined all kinds of possibilities that evolved into beliefs.  Because of the beauty, it was only natural to assign sacred or spiritual significance to crystal.  American Indians, Tibetan monks, Druid priests and many other groups proclaimed the sacred power of crystal.  Because they believed in the sacred power or spiritual significance of crystal, evidence was manifested to support their beliefs.  These beliefs worked for them and the evidence was positive and good.

Today, many people use crystal to help focus their attention on something they want or to align with and access information from a higher level of consciousness.  Many unique geometric configurations and characteristics of quartz crystal have been labeled with special names.  Books have been written by practitioners that detail the use and expected results of these special crystals.  Since the information is not always in agreement, the reader is left to decide what feels right or to dismiss the whole concept and merely appreciate the natural beauty of crystal.

Most all the beliefs about quartz crystal involve its energy properties.  The most common or universal belief system involves the scientific use of  both natural and synthetic crystals in optics, acoustics and electronic applications.   If you watch TV or use a computer you have to believe in this application. With a little imagination you can explore the following beliefs about unique geometric configurations and characteristics of natural quartz crystals.