Collection: Wholesale Crystals

Wholesale Service on the Internet since 1995

It costs a lot of money for both sellers and buyers to go to the big gem and mineral shows. We would rather stay home and pass on our savings to our wholesale buyers. In the past it has been necessary for the seller to attend these shows just to make contacts for future business. The internet and web sites like this provide an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to reduce costs and increase profits. I offer a money back guarantee on all my crystal sales. If you're not satisfied, simply return the crystal and I'll refund your money.

Grading and pricing quartz crystal points and clusters is an art rather than a science. Each miner seems to have a different method or idea on how to do it. I like to keep things simple. We have not increased our wholesale prices in many years, but, like everything else, we must increase our wholesale prices to keep up with costs. effective 10/01/23.